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Welcome to Omnipatents.

Managing the patent and innovation landscape is no easy task. Yet it is vital to your business, whether you are a multinational organisation or a budding entrepreneur.

Omnipatents brings you all the tools you need to better manage your patent prior art, novelty, validity and clearance searches. Quickly search the USPTO, UK and European patent databases, among others.

Patent discovery and mining that keeps you ahead of innovation.

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Patent Discovery Activities Supported By Omnipatents

Patent Watch

A patent watch is a process for monitoring newly issued patents, as well as possibly pending patent applications, to assess whether any of these patent rights might be of interest or might be annoying.

Prior Art

Prior art (state of the art or background art), in most systems of patent law, constitutes all information that has been made available to the public in any form before a given date that might be relevant to a patent's claims of originality. If an invention has been described in the prior art, a patent on that invention is not valid.


A clearance search is a search of issued patents to see if a given product or process violates someone else's existing patent. If so, then a validity search may be done to try to find prior art that would invalidate the patent. A clearance search is a search targeting patents being in force and may be limited to a particular country and group of countries, or a specific market.


A "validity search" is a prior art search done after a patent issues. The purpose of a validity (or invalidity) search is to find prior art that the patent examiner overlooked so that a patent can be declared invalid. This might be done by an entity infringing, or potentially infringing, the patent, or it might be done by a patent owner or other entity that has a financial stake in a patent to confirm the validity of a patent.

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While we pride ourselves in the breadth of patent management tools built into Omnipatents, here are some of the most important ones:

Manage portfolios of thousands of patents.
Search, sort and filter your patents, and export them to CSV or Excel.
Read your patents in detail, quickly jumping back-and-forward across citations.
Powerful searching where the search results are presented by *theme*, not just a long list.
Search USPTO (US patents), EPO (European patents), UK and other patent databases, both for granted and pending patents.
Omnipatents automatically separates your patent portfolio into themes, so you can focus on the important ones.
Quickly find the patents that are most cited by your portfolio, or who cite your portfolio the most.
Get a quick overview of who the important players are in your area of research.

Tight integration with the award-winning Qiqqa.com to bring patent-oriented research and PDF management to your fingertips.

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Who uses Omnipatents?


Are you working on the next-best-thing, or just rehashing what has recently been protected or denied? Discover relevant prior art with ease. Instantly expose recent patents relevant to your area of research as they cite patents in your portfolio.


Often the key to securing that first round of funding is well-position protection of your intellectual property. Before setting out on the daunting journey as an entrepreneur, or before handing over early-stage capital to professional patent search experts, let Omnipatents help you map out your competitive landscape.

Patent Lawyers & Agents

Accelerate the work you do for your clients using Omnipatents. Quickly build up the landscape around each client's nascent or existing portfolio for rapid writing up with our Qiqqa integration. Omnipatents also makes refresher and patent-watch services a cinch.

Technology Investors & Analysts

Caveat emptor. Whatever your technical area of expertise, quickly identify your hottest investment prospects and track their and their competitors' IP developments.

R&D Patent Portfolio Managers

If you manage a portfolio of thousands of patents, Omnipatents will automatically break them into themes so you can better focus on and drill into particular areas of your organisation's IP portfolio. Instantly discovering new players in your field will source you licensing opportunities and threats to your investment.

Competitive Intelligence Investigators

Monitor your competition as their intellectual property portfolios evolve. Don't get caught napping while they file new patents to protect aspects of your existing or future business.

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